Each of us does it every day. Water, gel, soap, towel. Almost as in the children’s song. However, it turns out that not everything is so simple as we thought it would be. Apparently, not all women know how to properly wash their face. Keep on reading to learn how to do it correctly. Also, pay attention to what kind of mistakes you should avoid, in order to enjoy healthy and flawless skin. 

First of all, wash your hands

You do not even realise how many germs accumulate on your hands. By washing your face with dirty hands, you effectively pass on all the bacteria. Thus, you contribute to the formation of acne, irritation and other skin diseases. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy complexion, wash your hands before each face cleanse. Always make sure to thoroughly wash the area between your fingers and focus on your nails. Only then, you can safely wash your face.

Secondly, thorough face cleanse

Tiny hair grows almost all over your face. Bacteria, sebum, dead skin and cosmetic residues can accumulate in its follicles. This leads to inflammation, and consequently to the formation of acne and other serious skin lesions. If the hair on your face grows down, washing your face, try to lift it up and do circular movements. This way you will remove dirt from the bellows, skin pores and other hard-to-get places on your face.

Thirdly, wash your towel regularly

Remember that wiping your face with a dirty or damp towel is a crime. Do you know how many bacteria and germs are in such a fabric? Way too much. Using such a towel, you move the bacteria to the skin of the face. What are the effects? Pimples, blackheads, irritation and, in extreme cases, severe cutaneous disease. If you want to have a healthy complexion, wash your towels regularly. Always use a separate towel for your face and a different one for the rest of your body and hands. Even better solution would be to use disposable paper towels. This way you will be sure that you throw out all impurities instead of transporting them onto your hands, face and other parts of your body.

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