Beautiful hair is like a cherry on the top to a woman’s look. Healthy, strong and shiny hair – this is the goal every one of us strives for.

We do everything to make our hairdo look impeccably and polished, and yet it does not always go the way we want.

Instead of going to the drugstore for another shampoo or a conditioner hoping that ‘this is the one that will help’, it is better to take a step back and try to determine what our hair really likes. What does my hair need in order to be strong and healthy? Sometimes, it is enough to change one simple thing for it to regain vitality.

The two most important and basic rules when it comes to hair care are…

… firstly, determining what it reacts well to, in other words: what components are necessary.

Secondly… providing them. 

Those ‘components’ are almost never a shampoo or a conditioner. 

Instead of using another full-of-silicone and paraben shampoo, check what the hair would consider the most essential in care. 

Learn 4 easy steps towards healthy hair

1. A mild shampoo – the one that washes and takes care of the scalp and hair without causing any irritations. 

2. Scalp massage – it is ideal for, for instance, hair oiling. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens bulbs by giving them a ‘workout’ for boosting hair growth. 

3. Cool blow-drying – hair cannot stand the heat. High temperatures deprive the hair of water from within, as a consequence, the strands lose hydration and condition. Extreme hot temperatures can even break the sulphide bonds inside the hair.

4. Hair oiling – is an all-natural treatment, that regenerates and beautifies the hair. Women who apply oils regularly to the hair and scalp claim that such effects could not be obtained through using masks, conditioners or hair balms. The key to proper hair oiling is choosing the right oil – matched to the particular hair type. 

If you do not know which oil to choose, and how to match it to the structure fo your hair – reach for those that provide overall and broad action, in other words, are suitable for most hair types. They include:

– Argan oil

– castor oil

– Olive oil

– Grapeseed oil

With time, the hair will need diversity and then, it will be best to go for specialized oil blends of more than one oil in the composition.