It is very effective yet requiring precision look. It helps to optically make eyes bigger, correct their shape, and make eyelashes denser. It suits everyone no matter the beauty type. The thing we describe is smoky eyes or a feline flick. What is this make-up history and how to create it step by step? How should you put your feline flick on with eyeliner, pencil, or kohl?

Feline flick/smokey eyes – make-up history

Smoky eyes make-up is one of the oldest make-up types which not only survived to this day but are still considered fashionable. Its debut was probably around IV BC on the face of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Her make-up optically made eyes bigger and because eyes are considered the symbol of wisdom, smoky eyes added prestige.

At first feline flick was drawn with Egyptian kohl. Kohl had not only the esthetical properties but also health benefits as it prevented eye diseases.

Feline flick/smokey eyes step by step

  1. Apply translucent or nude eyeshadow base to the eyelids.
  2. Add some powder to the crease.
  3. Use some bronzer or matte brown shade to the crease. In order to do it use a brush.
  4. Using an applicator or flat brush apply dark brown eyeshadow to the external area of the eyelid (shimmering is also acceptable).
  5. Slightly blend the color with a blending brush.
  6. Apply light gold eyeshadow in the direction from the inner eye corner towards the middle of an eyelid. Subtly blended with previously applied brown eyeshadow.
  7. Take even darker brown eyeshadow and draw a line on the lower eyelid starting from the external eye corner towards the middle of the eye.
  8. Using brown or black eyeliner draw a second long line on the upper eyelid and make it reach towards the temple.
  9. With colored eyeliner outline the line we just draw. Do not forget about the lower eyelid. Color should match your eyes color and bring the best out of your iris.
  10. Connect the upper and lower line in the external eye corner.
  11. Use some iridescent eyeshadow in the external eye corner.
  12. Apply mascara to upper and lower eyelashes.
  13. For even more dramatic effect you can add false eyelash extensions.

Women who have a problem with drawing a perfectly straight line should start from the external eye corner.

How to create a feline flick/smokey eyes with an eyeliner?

The classic version of smokey eyes is best for evening occasions. This make-up should start with the application of nude eyeshadows. Then move to black eyeliner and draw a middle-sized line on your eyelid starting from the inner towards the external eye corner. The line should be straight and end near the eye corner. Then you need to draw a thin line as an extension of the lower eyelid yet aiming upwards. Connect the ends of the thin and thick line to create one line. Treat the water line to a white eye pencil and apply mascara to your eyelashes. For more convenient application use an eye pencil to draw the line and then use eyeliner on top of it. Once you master the black eyeliner, you can experiment with colored eyeliner such as gold, silver, or white.

How to create a feline flick/smokey eyes with an eye pencil?

Smokey eyes can be done also with a pencil┬áproviding it’s freshly sharpened and soft. To make the task easier, you can dot the line near eyelashes root line and then connect them to create a line. What then? Apply eyeshadow in your favorite color and some mascara or add nothing at all – the choice is yours.

How to create a feline flick/smokey eyes with kohl?

Kohl ensures the most dramatic and long-lasting effect so it is a great choice for the all-night party. Draw the line using a brush on the upper and lower eyelid – just like the Egyptians in the IV BC.

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