How does coconut oil affect the hair? It is often referred to as the natural hair conditioner because it provides the strands with perfect moisture, softness and elasticity. However, the oil has a lot more to offer and its properties are definitely worth discussing.  

When it comes to a dietetics, it turns out that coconut oil has been acclaimed infamous – it is believed that it can be harmful when consumed in excessive amounts. What’s more, there are many myths concerning its properties when used for cosmetic purposes. It does not change the fact that it is still one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients. The statistics do not lie – we are very happy to reach for products with coconut oil content, as well as for the oil itself.

Where can coconut oil be found?

Pure coconut oil can be purchased in almost every healthy foods shop. If used on its own, it provides complex care, however, it might not work as good for every skin and hair type. 

It will be a lot more beneficial we go for cosmetics with coconut oil content. The substance is very popular and can be found in various conditioners, creams, masks; looks for it in INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil. In addition, coconut oil will be a great base for DIY cosmetics. 

Components. How do they affect the performance of coconut oil?

Here and there, you can encounter various pieces of information regarding the composition of a natural cocout oil.  What’s more, the composition of coconut oil may vary depending on the method of obtaining and processing – the richest in valuable nutrients is the unrefined and cold-pressed one. Nevertheless, there are always:

– vitamin E – delays ageing processes because it is an effective antioxidant which minimizes the harmfulness of free radicals;

– vitamin C – combined with tocopherol (above-mentioned) is also a strong antioxidant, prevents cell damage and increases elasticity;

 lauric acid (EFA) – delivers essential properties to coconut oil, it has antibacterial and antifungal effects, and also improves microcirculation;

– zinc – is one of the first elements that found use in cosmetics mainly due to its protective properties; it is responsible for hair growth and tissue regeneration. 

– calcium – it is a bioelement thanks to which, coconut oil soothes irritations, moisturizes and maintains skin firmness, and also affects cell regeneration processes;

– magnesium – is one of the most valuable elements because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it accelerates regeneration processes and strengthens natural protection;

– folic acid (B9) – has many important cosmetic properties, for instance, improves skin regenerating processes, improves elasticity and skin firmness and brings relief.