Even the best-looking, black and – as it might seem – strong lashes can go through ‘worse days’ and start falling out. Of course, one or two lashes found on our cheeks should not be the reason to worry us. However, if we keep finding more and more lashes on the cosmetic pad while removing makeup – this can be a sing that there is something serious going on with them. Therefore, it is best to start working instantly and provide thorough regeneration instead of waiting for the rest of them to fall out.

How to strengthen lashes?

Sometimes, a simple change to our diet plan can work wonders. Delivering nutrients and vitamins with food can make a significant difference to our body. Also, it is worth replacing fizzy drinks with herbal teas (nettle or horsetail brews), however, you must remember that you will have to wait a little longer for the effects. If the lash loss is too intensive, it is worth reaching for special preparations that will contribute to lash growth-boosting, strengthening and preventing thinning

Eyelash serum – what are they and how they work?

Eyelash serums are liquid substances that come in small bottles, usually, equipped with a thin brush resembling an eyeliner. They are to be applied along the upper lash line. This way all the beneficial ingredients are able to penetrate the skin and start nourishing lashes from within. The condition of the lash depends on the condition of the bulb. Thus lash serum are designed to work directly on their only living part.

Furthermore, nourishing and strengthening lashes are an important but not the only reasons why eyelash serum gained so much popularity. Their list of assets includes growth-boosting properties, lash thickening, and general improvement in lash appearance. The best top-rated lash serums are able to regenerate and enhance even the shortest lashes to almost resemble falsies.

Eyelash serums outclass all types of eyelash extensions. They allow women who have always had short and thin lashes to finally enjoy stunning longer and fuller-looking lashes.