We are more and more aware of the fact that beautiful eyelashes are only the result of proper care. However, it is problematic to choose a product that will effectively accelerate the growth of our lashes and take care of their health. What eyelash serum is the best?

Our lashes require a bit of care and a few crucial nutrients to grow longer and stronger. Conscious care is the key to success, which is why it is so important to determine what your eyelashes need and how to provide them with the essential substances. 


All eyelash care principles are primarily based on delicacy. If we do not deal with them gently, we can weaken them and increase their fall out. Would you like to know what thing to avoid when it comes to our eyelashes? Here are the most common mistakes.

1. You cannot use an out-of-date mascara – this is a product that loses its valuable properties, it can stick lashes together and cause irritations only after three months from opening. 

2.  You cannot use a lash curler too often or use it on lashes already coated with mascara – using an eyelash curler inappropriately, we can deform, break or plug our lashes. 

3. You cannot wear eyelash extensions too long – false eyelashes or cluster lashes are a big burden to the natural ones, which is why it works only as a one-time solution.

4. You cannot forget about makeup removal – this is the most common mistake; impurities and cosmetic residue can cause inflammation and visibly weaken eyelashes.

With age and as a result of various types of harmful factors, eyelash growth potential decreases. They become thinner, more brittle, shorter, brighter and sparse. Eyelash cannot be based solely on limiting what harms eyelashes. To have beautiful and strong eyelashes, it is necessary to use carefully selected cosmetics.

What’s the best eyelash serum like?

The best method for nourishing and strengthening lashes is to use eyelash serum on a regular basis. Nowadays, we have a huge selection of products that are designed to regenerate, nourish, and stimulate lash growth. However, such a variety can be overwhelming and cause troubles finding the right one. What rules to follow?

Effective eyelash conditioners are those that not only nourish and moisturize. In this case, comprehensiveness is the key. it includes increasing growth, preventing loss of eyelashes, regeneration and restoration. Eyelashes Cosmetics work most effectively if they are intended to be applied at the base of eyelashes. Another significant feature is practicalness – a thin brush, which facilitates the precise application of the serum to the eyelash line is crucial. However, the most important thing is what ingredients of eyelash conditioners can be found in a given product. Therefore, we must pay attention to the naturalness that our eyelashes like a lot. Well, if the composition of the serum abounds in natural plant extracts, vitamins, substances that bring relief and strong moisturizing effects, then you can go ahead and start using it.