Have you ever used a hair conditioner which composition you did not examine because you had received the product from one of your friends? Certainly, there was no good call for throwing the cosmetic away so you was applying it the way any similar products have to be put on. Even though you used the product regularly, the effects you obtained were next to nothing. Soon enough it turned out that the conditioner should have been applied to scalp, right after shampooing and you should have let it sit, but you were doing it the other way round. Indeed, sometimes this happens. Equally inefficient can be argan oil if applied inappropriately.

There are a few rules that have to be born in mind while treating hair with argan oil. Actually, there are two main directions a consumer should follow in order to get the desired results. Only by applying them, we can expect to get the outcomes a producer promised to gain. In fact, argan oil works on all hair types, with no exceptions. Unfortunately, it may cause more harm than good if applied the wrong way. And this is the very reason why we can came across negative comments on argan oil, such as ‘so luxurious, so expensive and all it gets me is weighted hair, with no signs of condition improvement.’ It cannot be denied, even the best medicine does not work if we take too much or too little of it. Having this in mind, let us analise how we should apply argan oil to our hair.

#1 Mind the amount of argan oil you put on your hair

Natural argan oil has light consistency and is not expected to weight hair down. However, it is obvious that if you use too much of anything, it will probably bring more harm than good. When it comes to argan oil, it is enough just to use no more than 4-5 drops of it for one coat. Smear the oil between your palms and apply to strands afterwards. The oils is supposed to get absorbed really fast. If applied in greater amounts, it might make hair grease. In case of argan oil, the less is better, especially when we realize that we pay a lot for every single drop of it.

#2 Match manner of application to the hair type

Argan oil is the only oil that can be applied to any hair type, regardless of its porosity level, length, etc. However, this does not mean that the manner of application has to remain unchanged. Namely, argan oil can be put on dry or damp hair, before or after shampooing, hot or cold. It is worth giving a go to all the methods, because various manners of application generate different results (or no results at all). It all depends on the needs of our hair. Limiting oneself to just one method and telling that argan oil does not work is simply groundless.

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