If you’re a natural cosmetic fan, then you probably know that antiperspirants, which many top cosmetic brands plug, contain toxic, health-damaging substances. For that reason, it’s suggested using the pure alum itself, or at least deodorants that contain alum. This mineral has a few forms, such as powder, roll-on or a stick/block. The undermentioned list describes several, the most interesting alum-based products.

1. Stick/block – pure alum

It’s the most popular form of this mineral. It’s plugged by many organic and natural cosmetic brands, including Organique. It doesn’t carry any fragrance and is 100% natural. This kind of alum contains neither preservatives nor colorants. Before use, it has to be damped to apply it onto armpits or other parts that require protection from the unpleasant scent. Stick or block alum is surprisingly efficient; if applied every day, just 60 gram of alum holds out for a year.

2. Alum in the form of a roll-on deodorant

It can be either natural and fragrance-free or enriched with natural aromatic substances, which deliver additional skin care qualities. Quite an attractive offer presents Ecolab brand. It launches alum roll-on deodorants that are combined with etheric oils like lemon extract, lime oil, orange extract or lemon grass oil. These substances accompany the composition to neutralize unpleasant scent of the skin. Additionally, the etheric oils have cleansing and antiseptic features. Ecolab’s offer also includes an alum deodorant with green tea of antiseptic and anti-inflammation features.

3. Spray alum

Although this form of alum is most frequently used to treat feet, it can be applied to other body parts that require protection against the unpleasant scent of sweat. Regular stores along with the Internet shops offer a fragrance-free spray alum (for example by Najel) or enriched with mint or eucalyptus oils (by Natura Amica).

4. Dusting powder alum

It’s mainly designed for feet and footwear. Primarily, this form of alum neutralizes the distinctive scent of sweat. Additionally, it has skin contracting and antiseptic features. There are a few ways of applying powdered alum. For example, you can just sprinkle the mineral onto dry and clean feet or hands. Also, you can mix powdered alum (more or less 10 gram) with a bowl of water and give your feet a 10-minute bath. Alum in the form of dusting powder is offered by many cosmetic brands, such as Beauty Marrakesh, Natura Amica and Podologic Med Plus.

Powder alum is often enriched with natural menthol in order to deliver subtle fresh aroma.

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