Most of the deodorants that are currently available on the market contain aluminum salts. These are substances infamous for causing breast cancer. To make the situation even worse, aluminum salts penetrate the skin and, through the glands, they are able to get into the milk duct. As a consequence, these substances get into the milk of a breastfeeding mother. It’s terrifying, isn’t it? If you care for your well-being, choose the cosmetics consciously and read the labels carefully. An excellent alternative to the toxic antiperspirants is a natural mineral that has been used for ages not only to deal with sweat but also to heal small cuts (for example, after shaving).

Alum is a mineral that is completely fragrance-free. It’s composed of mineral salts that are non-toxic and safe for the human organism. It was already used in ancient on the terrains belonging to China and Egypt. Back then alum healed scrapes and cuts, neutralized the aroma of sweat.

Moreover, alum is hypoallergenic, lacks toxic chemical compounds and alcohol. Instead, it has antiseptic and skin-contracting features. Because alum doesn’t clog skin pores, dermis can breathe freely when treated with the mineral. Another interesting fact about alum is that it slows down multiplication of bacteria that is responsible for this characteristic and highly unpleasant scent of sweat. Since it’s a natural substance, alum is recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as a safe alternative to regular antiperspirants. Another two significant advantages of alum is that it doesn’t leave any stains on clothes and is very efficient. Just one piece of alum (60 grams) has a year-long lifespan.

Right before use, alum has to be damped with water. The mineral has to create a thin protective layer where applied. Once used, the stick should be cleansed necessarily, best if rinsed with water and put aside to let it dry. The important issue is that alum tends to absorb fragrances, or rather gain the aromas it has been in contact with. For that reason, it’s crucial to clean the body parts alum is going to be applied to. Additionally, the mineral can be put on other body parts than armpits so it doesn’t only serve as a deodorant. For example, people struggling with the excessive foot perspiration can treat alum as their ally. Furthermore, alum is also available in other forms, such as a liquid spray or a dusting powder. The small, slender sticks made of alum are recommended as a remedy for post-shaving cuts.

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