Winter is totally merciless towards our hairdos. Unfortunately, it’s noticeable on the outside: hat hair, grease, static flyaways, unruly and unmanageable strands. How to look lovely and keep the hair stunning in winter? See our tips!

Winter vs Hair

What winter gripes does the hair fight with?

  • overproduction of oil leading to greasy hair
  • static flyaways
  • dryness and dullness (hair ends in particular)
  • sun-damaged hair (the snow reflects the sunlight: UVA/UVB have a destructive effect on hair)
  • hair damage because of worse air pollution and smog in winter
  • excessively falling out hair because of weaker condition of hair bulbs as a consequence of wearing a hat, for example

How to care for hair in winter?

The above-mentioned factors aren’t the only wrongdoers. There are other things that make the hair much worse in the wintertime, including medications, stressful life, setting the highest temperature on a dryer, unsuitable haircare products, etc. The bigger the number of damaging factors, the faster the hair gets worse. Your hair may even start to thin, split or break off. How not to let this happen?

  1. Air the rooms as often as possible. When you do, the air isn’t so dry so your hair and scalp won’t be drying out or getting oily because of overproduction of oil.
  2. Get an air humidifier which neutralizes the static effect and holds back frizzy flyaways.
  3. Treat your hair to a quality hair oil. The right oil is often the thing that our hair longs for in the winter. Apply it on hair and scalp once a week to protect them from getting dry and detoxify the scalp at the same time! A greasy oil leaves hair nourished, shiny and fresh. Surprised? It is possible because oil removes oil. That is why you can use oils even on greasy hair. Especially in the winter!
  4. Use anti-static fabric softener for washing your hat. This easy trick banishes static and greasy strands.
  5. Choose a mild shampoo which prevents oily hair and conditions the scalp. Micellar shampoo is this type of product. Micelles are molecules that attract, trap and remove dirt, dust, oil and product buildup, and, at the same time, they don’t cause damage to the hydro-lipid layer. Micellar shampoo doesn’t cause dry hair or scalp irritations. It is a perfect pick yet not just in the wintertime. This gentle wash is a good idea all year round.
  6. Use a good hair mask: the one including keratin is ideal as it repairs damage inside the hair and leaves it more resilient and resistant to damage and unfavorable weather conditions.

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