Did you know that sugar has a huge impact on your skin? Not without reason, it is referred to as ‘white poison’. After all, it speeds up body’s ageing processes and can cause serious diseases. Solution? No sugar diet plan. How about your skin? How to take care of it properly? Keep on reading!


Not only your body requires cleansing of sugar. Your Face and body skin needs exactly the same. Therefore, you must remember to exfoliate your skin regularly. Once or twice a week will suffice but always cleanse your face thoroughly. You can use chemical as well as mechanical products; They can cope perfectly with dead skin cells. Cosmetics with chemical properties (fruit acids, chemical peels) will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, while mechanical cosmetics will remove the scaly epidermis and smooth the surface of the facial skin. Also, use sonic or rubber brushes for daily skin care. The first one is equipped with special vibration heads, the other one with silicone touch-points of different lengths. Both products unclog pores of make-up residue as well as dirt and oil and enhance the absorption of your other skincare products. Additionally, they reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal skin that looks firmer.


They fight free radicals, smooth out wrinkles and even out the skin tone. Make sure to use creams, serums or other products with active ingredients every day. If you like natural products, look for those with chamomile, thyme, green or black tea extract, pomegranate extract, blackberries and seaweed.


Sunblock creams should be in every woman’s beauty bag. They prevent the appearance of wrinkles, discolourations, burns and other skin damage. Choose products that contain chemical and mineral filters. Only this way you will provide protection against UVA and UVB radiation. The minimum sun factor should be 30. Remember to apply UV creams correctly. Rub the cosmetic in the palms of your hands, then apply it to the skin and thoroughly massage it. There should be no white streaks of the product left on your face.


The evening and night time are the best moments for skin renewal. Before you go to bed, always apply regenerating, soothing and moisturising cosmetics. This way you will delay the ageing of the skin, prevent the loss of skin firmness and you will look young, beautiful and flawless all the time. Use cosmetics that have occlusive properties, and include humectants and emollients. You will also benefit from products containing retinol, vitamins B and C, peptides and hydroacids. Extracts of rosemary, tea, apples and algae may also be helpful.

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