If you care for having beautiful and flawless complexion, you should follow a few basic skin care rules. Cleansing, moistening and delivery of nourishing substances are just some of them. Learn what to do to make your face skin healthy, smooth and beautiful.

Firstly, cleanse

Make-up removal and exfoliation of dead epidermis cells are very important stages of face skin care. By removing residues of the cosmetics, sebum, impurities and dead epidermis cells, you enable the skin to breathe and function properly. According to some beauticians, the best way to take care of complexion is making it clean by using two products. As the first one, you should apply an oil and proceed this step with a product which composition is based on water.

Secondly, tone

The best solution to freshen up and to energise the face skin is using a toner. Apply it in the morning instead of the aggressively purifying preparations. In this way, you are going to maintain right pH level of your face skin as you will prepare it for the upcoming makeup. Another equally workable solution is the application of micellar lotions which are able to cleanse skin delicately and replenish the moisture. Remember to match action and composition of a toner to your skin type.

Thirdly, regenerate

In the evening, try to use cosmetics that contain regenerative, moistening and nourishing ingredients. In this case, you can reach for serums, leave-in face masks, products containing antioxidants, acids and vitamins. At night your skin rebuilds itself, and such products facilitate this process. In the morning, you will notice your face becoming smoother, more radiant, fresher and simply prettier. All you have to do is apply a moisture-delivering cream and do the gentle make-up removal. Surely, you will look fantastic afterwards.

Fourthly, protect

Don’t forget to use face creams that contain sunscreens. During the summer you should make a use of products containing high SPF (40 or 50), however, during the autumn and the winter cosmetics with just SPF20 or 30 will be okay. Choose the products that lack chemical substances. In this case, the best are mineral filters, which are delicate for skin and provide high protection. If you sunbathe or spend the entire day outside, remember to apply to your face a shielding cosmetic every few hours.

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