Toner. It is truly a great product that every girl should have in her beauty bag. It cleanses, regulates the skin’s pH and nurtures the facial skin. If you haven’t used such product, it is high time you did. Check out which toner will take care of your skin type the best. 

Toner – what is it?

It is a colourless cosmetic responsible for conditioning your skin. Toners have a versatile use: they reduce impurities (including sebum and any make-up remains), balances pH, moisturises, reduces bacteria that contribute to the formation of acne. Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, it restores skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier, soothes irritations, and protects from adverse external factors such as: run radiation or free radicals. Toners are recommended for all skin types.

How to use a toner? 

It is best to apply toners twice a day to cleanse the complexion. In the morning the cosmetics will refresh the skin and prepare it for applying other products and make-up. In the evening, the toner will help you to remove the remnants coloured cosmetics, excess sebum, and facial masks. Just pour a few drops of the cosmetic onto a cotton pad. Then, gently wipe the face. The product will leave your skin clean, refreshed and smooth.

What ingredients does a toner include?

It is the kind of product where you will find many natural ingredients, vitamins, micronutrients. Some of these products contain alcohol. If you have very dry, sensitive or oily skin, you should not use such preparations. The toners include: plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, plant oils, moisturising and soothing substances.

What types of toners do you know?

You can choose from the following types of toners:

  • conditioning – does not contain any alcohol, it is recommended for all skin types, can be used on a daily basis;
  • refreshing – regenerates the skin, balances sebum secretion, mattifies, moisturises;
  • cleansing – removes impurities, sebum, sweat, make-up leftovers, soothes and moisturises;
  • soothing – recommended for sensitive skin, prone to irritations, with dilated capillaries, rosacea; no alcohol content;
  • rejuvenating – evens out the skin tone, soothes fine lines, brightens discolouration, stimulates the skin to regenerate;
  • brightening – restores the skin’s healthy glow and leaves it energised and flawless.

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