Asian women are the masters of beauty care. We – European and American women – have imported their simple and effective skincare method – layering. Check what this method of applying cosmetics consists of and what effects you can enjoy.

What is layering?

Layering is about applying products in a particular order. You apply a few cosmetics to the skin; they supplement each other and bring similar effects. Asian women massage the skin during the application of the products. It increases blood flow, the skin gets firm and smooth whereas substances penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

Skin products and layering. Which ones work best?

The order of applying cosmetics is crucial for Asian women. The stages appear in the following order: toners, serum and ampoules, masks, creams. The task of toners is cleansing the skin and preparing it for next steps of skin care routine. How do Asians use toners? They apply it to hands and tap on the face, neck and neckline. They don’t use cotton pads that can irritate and stretch the skin, disturbing collagen fibres.

Another step in Asian face care is applying serum or ampoules. These are concentrated cosmetics that have a huge impact on the condition of your complexion. They contain e.g. hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, coenzyme Q10, peptides. You must apply serums and ampoules in a very gentle way. For better effects, use massage: with your fingers lightly press (for about 10 seconds) the front tips of your eyebrows, the area under ear lobes and the area between your bottom lip and chin.

Last but one stage of Asian-inspired skin care is applying masks. They are designed for all skin types and you can use them in the morning or evening. You leave the product in for about 20 minutes. Sheet masks got popular thanks to Asian women. A material is soaked with substances that intensively nourish the skin. The product is left for 30 minutes.

Asian women finish skincare routine with creams rich in natural ingredients. In the morning, they apply products with UV filter as a make-up primer. In the evening, they use 2in1 moisturisers and under-eye creams. The whole night masks are popular in Asia. They nourish, repair and firm up the skin.

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