Almost every woman owns a brow pencil or powder. But how many women do make use of a nourishing brow serum? Reportedly, few of us pay attention to the health state of the brows focusing more on their physical appearance only. It’s time to change this approach! Nanobrow eyebrow serum sets a new trend – for healthy and fabulous bare brows!

Not many people enjoy having naturally beautiful and thick eyebrows – definitely, it’s more common to come across thin, sparse and thinning brows. In such cases we turn to brow fixing color cosmetics to cover up the imperfections. But what if we… did it some other way?

How to make brows look better without makeup?

Gorgeous eyebrows equal healthy and strong brows. If they are additionally adequately nourished, moisturized and regenerated, they simply start looking better. The secret to thick, full-looking and healthy eyebrows is the right conditioning treatments that result in reinforcing brow hairs – from the follicles to the tips.

There are various ways that aid you in boosting the health state of eyebrows: following a well-balanced diet, making use of beauty oils (e.g. castor oil), massage or advanced brow serum. The latter method is the most effective one, therefore it’s a good move to reach for Nanobrow eyebrow serum – recommended by experts.

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Nanobrow eyebrow serum: The benefits

Our eyebrows are like hair (but shorter) – they need to be exposed to a permanent source of nourishment and moisturizing, which allows the hairs to grow strong and thick. A high quality eyebrow serum is a guarantee of achieving full-looking and bold brows – it delivers essential nutrients directly to the follicles which is why each brow hair grows stronger, there are more and more brow hairs appearing each day, also in the places where eyebrows used to have bald spots.

This is exactly how Nanobrow eyebrow serum works. This is a beauty product of proven effectiveness and the well-selected composition. You can be sure that Nanobrow helps the brows to improve their appearance. Providing that you keep using the eyebrow serum regularly, you can be positive that it will:

  • fortify the follicles and prevent hair loss;
  • encourage accelerated growth of brows, including new brow hairs;
  • add body and intensify eyebrow color, leave them shiny and elastic;
  • make brow ridge appear to be full-looking and bold.

eyebrow growth treatment nanobrow

Nanobrow: The best eyebrow serum

If you’re searching for a perfect brow enhancer, consider using Nanobrow. This is an advanced product that combines all the qualities of the best eyebrow serum. Why is it worth having?

1. PERFECT COMPOSITION. Nanobrow combines several ingredients. Each one handles a precisely defined task and leaves brows conditioned. Apart from growth stimulating and rebuilding substances (e.g. peptides and amino acids) as well as moisturizers (e.g. glycerin and panthenol), Nanobrow also contains potent vegetable and plant extracts:

  • soy and wheat (everlasting duo) germ extracts
  • Baikal skullcap root extract (a.k.a. Baicalein)
  • ginseng root extract (a strong antioxidant).

2. CONVENIENT APPLICATOR. The combination of a lightweight consistency and a soft applicator is what makes Nanobrow so effective. Thanks to this, the eyebrow serum is well-absorbing, the application process takes no more than 2-3 minutes and consists of three steps:

  • full makeup removal and cleaning eye skin area
  • putting the serum on a brow using one smooth motion
  • repeating the procedure on the other brow ridge.

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