From time to time, we’re dreaming of spending a few hours in SPA or bathing in gold. Sadly, this luxury still remains out of our reach. But, wait… Really, does it? Gold, pearls, silver and diamonds are available also for us! Don’t you believe this? Just take a look around while shopping and you’ll find care cosmetics containing this highly-priced items. Start applying such products to help your complexion reflect light like diamonds do!

Indeed, today’s body care is easily accessible. This also relates to various rejuvenating treatments that make use of these precious ores. Gold hair mask doesn’t have to be named ‘gold’ just because of its yellow colour. Now, gold hair mask can also include pure gold in it. Where can you look for the cosmetics with these exclusive ingredients? What are their properties? Let’s find out!

Gold – an ore that is used the most frequently in a care cosmetics of rejuvenating action as well as for preparations designed for dry face skin. The moment the particles of pure gold were successfully introduced to the regular cosmetic production, the manufacturers started to take advantage of the metal more eagerly. Nowadays, even some hair styling products contain 24-carat gold. What are its properties?

  • It slows down ageing processes, for example, delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It has strong antiseptic features and counteracts skin infections.
  • Nanoparticles of gold stimulate skin cells to produce collagen.
  • It has nourishing, moistening and skin firming features.
  • it perfectly highlights face skin and adds a healthy shine.

Silver – in the fields of cosmetics and pharmacy used in the form of ‘colloidal silver.’ Most often we can find silver in different types of tonics, lotions and deodorants. Silver works best when included in the composition of products designed for problematic skin. How does it work?

  • It relieves signs of acne, fungal infection and atopic dermatitis.
  • It has strong antiseptic action.

Diamonds – most frequently used for dead epidermis cells exfoliation treatments, rarely in single care cosmetics. Diamonds are the hardest minerals of all. For that reason, we can find them mainly in beauty parlours that offer diamond microdermabrasion procedure.

Pearls – although they aren’t recognised as luxurious as the three above-mentioned, they are comparably expensive. The extract of white pearls is frequently used in cosmetics designed for the dehydrated and fatigued skin. When it comes to the black pearl, this extract is good at treating ageing skin. What benefits do cosmetics with pearl extracts bring?

  • It has strong regenerative and anti-ageing features.
  • It maintains skin hydration at the right level.
  • It soothes skin lesions and highlights stretch marks.
  • Increases skin elasticity thanks to calcium content.
  • When used in masks, it works whitening and highlighting.

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