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From Dawn To Dusk: Skin Care For Everyone

By Rose

Every day, every woman does her best to make her face and body skin the prettiest and healthiest. We use different products in the morning and evening. We apply stronger cosmetics once a week whereas use different products once a month. Good habits are also important. Check the best skin care routine.


… gently cleanse your face. Use lightweight mousses and gels that remove impurities, sebum, dead skin cells and leftovers of beauty products. Then, use a fruity toner that will prepare your skin for next treatments and make-up. Remember to use a moisturiser with UV filter. Such a cosmetic will prevent epidermis damage, post-sun hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dryness.


… thoroughly remove make-up and apply a purifying product to get rid of impurities that the remover failed to cleanse. After you wash your face with warm water and dry it off, apply an under-eye cream and moisturiser. Cosmetics that you apply for the night should contain a concentrated dose of vitamins, plant extracts and other ingredients. Those will let you enjoy a smooth, radiant and healthy skin.


… devote more time to skin care. Do a thorough exfoliating scrub of the body and face. The treatment will cleanse skin pores, remove dead skin cells, smooth skin surface and brighten discolouration. It will be much easier to follow next steps of your skin care routine. Cosmetics will be better absorbed and more effective. Using a mask is another stage of an every-week care. Make sure the mask you choose matches the needs of your skin. Sheet masks – soaked with lots of nutrients – are highly popular now.


… go to a beauty salon for a cleansing, moisturising or firming treatments. An aesthetician uses professional products and devices to enhance your skin. Before choosing a treatment, think of the season, current needs of your skin or an occasion. Remember that chemical peel, laser hair removal and closing broken capillaries should not be performed in summer. Every month, or more often, wash your make-up brushes. You can also try eyebrow threading. What is it? The treatment involves defining eyebrows and removing unwanted hairs with a thread.


If you want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful face skin as long as possible, you should introduce a few healthy habits into your lifestyle. Drink more or less one litre of still water every day. Enrich your diet with supplements – vitamins and micronutrients are going to help your skin. Apply a moisturising lip balm to avoid chapped lips and painful epidermis damage. If you want to have firm and smooth skin, avoid hot baths: collagen fibres loosen up thus wrinkles appear on the skin.