A convenient-to-use applicator and light formula that doesn’t leave eyelashes clumpy. These are just some of the qualities that a high-quality mascara must possess. Which mascara should be chosen to shift to a higher level of make-up? The answer is: Lashcode.

Hair differs and probably there aren’t two people in the world that share the identical set of eyelashes. At the same time it doesn’t mean that each woman is supposed to use other mascara. This should rather be recognized as a clear hint that the best mascaras are the ones which are tailored to one’s needs and know how to adjust to our eyelashes.

Among hundreds of mascaras available in stores and online there is only one cosmetic ruling – Lashcode.

Is Lashcode a good mascara?

It’s a cosmetic that doesn’t only take care of the appearance of eyelashes but also of their health. And that’s a good thing to do because the beauty of eyelashes – alike hair, skin and finger nails – has its core inside, that is the proper care. Together with Lashcode we receive a set of essential nourishing and reinforcing substances mixed with an astonishingly black pigment and volume-adding formula enabling us to get sky-high eyelashes. No compromises or attaching false extensions.

Easy and fast make-up with Lashcode

You don’t have to know all the secret tricks of make-up artists to start astonishing others with maximally extended and full-looking eyelashes. Just equip yourself with Lashcode mascara that eases applying make-up thanks to a few features it has.

It’s the only such a mascara having so elastic and well-developed brush for clump-free definition.

Contains mineral pigment which doesn’t only saturate the mascara to maximum but also conditions lashes delicately.

It has the right consistency owing to which it’s easy to apply the mascara with no flaking or clumping.

Creates maximally durable make-up that lasts even up to 24 hours with no touch ups, despite being non-waterproof.

Become your own eyelash technician!

Lashcode is the first mascara that eases doing flawless make-up. Just one coat suffices to make eyelashes done perfectly, extended and nicely separated. However, if you want to create more beautiful look and gift our eyelashes with amazing thickness, there is always the second coat to apply. Velvety formula of Lashcode guarantees clump-free definition and natural, yet astonishing look that can be intensified with every another coat applied.

Take care of eyelashes throughout a day!

Lashcode proves that make-up can perform more than just function. By mascaraing lashes with the right product, you can do more than just take care of your appearance, define look and boost self-confidence. You can also take care of your lash condition. How is it possible? This mascara’s composition features regenerating plant extracts, nourishing vitamins and strengthening amino acids thanks to which it’s the make-up that conditions our lashes while we enjoy the beauty of full-looking and exceptionally enhanced eyelashes.

The best mascara for you: Lashcode

The choice between a regular mascara and Lashcode mascara is obvious. No other product is able to offer so much for such attractive price. Indeed, we can get a cheaper mascara but, surely, its lifespan won’t be as long and it may contain potentially hazardous substances. It’s wiser go for professionalism.

enter the official website – lashcode.us

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