Nail polish that will make you want to lick your fingernails. It has beautiful golden color and was created especially for the best occasions. Allow me to introduce to you Prosecco Nail Varnish – edible nail polish with champagne taste. Dare to try?

I love some bubbly, and I like to drink it even when there is no particular occasion. Just like other women like to have a glass of red wine to the dinner, I prefer a glass of sparkly champagne. That is why as soon as I learned that there is a nail polish with a taste of Italian champagne, I bought one bottle and started testing.

Where did edible Prosecco nail polish come from?

The edible nail polish concept developed in the mind of the British owner of Groupon application. The cosmetic was released just in time for the International Women’s Day, and it has a special discount for a Mother’s Day. The advertisement was directed mostly at the Prosecco fans as a beautiful, shimmering and edible manicure with no calories. The concept was ridiculous and creative enough for me to decide on buying one of nail polishes, Prosecco by Groupon and now I will tell you all about it.

Prosecco Nail Varnish by Groupon

  • Colour: golden, brocade
  • Scent: so champagne
  • Taste: intense Prosecco

It looks just like an ordinary nail polish, but it isn’t! Groupon Prosecco Polish is entirely edible. In its composition is an authentic Italian champagne, additional Prosecco aroma and naturally all the ingredients responsible for the color, the durability and solidifying of the polish. Each component was tested and developed in order not to harm. That is why Prosecco nail polish can be eaten, and you have nothing to worry about. Although, I would not recommend drinking the entire bottle at once. All things considered, it is still chemical cosmetic.

That nail polish is something for all of those who can’t get rid of the bad habit of biting their nails. However, its purchase will not be healthy for them. Why? Because Groupon Prosecco is very tasty, especially when you like champagne. If you bite your nails, then it will probably not end on the licking the nail plate. In such case, better stick to bitter nail polish to prevent it from happening.

How did it work for me?

One thing is sure, this is not very long lasting nail polish, and there are two reasons for it. First, you will lick it off in the blink of an eye, and second, due to safe components, it is not long-lasting. There is no way you perform hybrid manicure with it and you will never achieve perfect coverage. Prosecco Nail Varnish is an interesting proposition, which you should try for the fan of it, but not for the full and professional manicure.

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