Serum is a cosmetic that serves well not only mature skin. It works more intensively than a face cream and having at the same time a lighter formula. Application of serum can deliver noticeable benefits, especially during winter, when our skin requires stronger support. What are the types of serum? Which one to choose for the cold months?

The caring cosmetic, which is serum, is perfect for treating the skin and hair. It’s a highly loaded formula that carries even two times more concentrated nourishing substances than a regular face cream does. A decent serum gives fast and noticeable effects as it facilitates the face care in general. Unfortunately, it also has its flaws since it makes skin more ‘lazy.’

The truth is, it isn’t possible to replace creams with serums completely. Certainly, these are much better when taking the composition and action into consideration. However, it’s advised against making skin getting used to such a concentrated formula. It’s worth realizing that serum is a remedy for very tough, yet temporary skin problems. Once the super intensive action isn’t required any longer, it’s better to get back to the regular face creams. Skin must be able to regenerate, nourish and deal with problems itself.

On the other hand, serum seems to be an irreplaceable cosmetic during winter, when the natural skin’s protective barrier is damaged by moisture, wind and frost. During this season, we frequently experience dryness, excessive dead epidermis cells exfoliation and irritations. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach for a good serum during winter!

  • Moistening serum – it can be used all year long, although it’s mainly useful during winter. In this season skin loses water faster which makes it super dry. Obviously, the best moisture-delivering substance is hyaluronic acid, which is present in such preparations most frequently. The concentration of the acid often reaches 3% and can be enriched with avocado oil, peptides and squalane.
  • Serum for redness – it’s an ally of the complexion that is exposed to the adverse action of strong wind and frost. Serum that is able to shrink tiny blood vessels is perfect for capillary skin type, the one prone to irritations. A high-quality serum facilitates reducing redness along with the visibility of the spider veins. Such a serum should contain vitamin C and glycyrrhiza root extract.
  • Highlighting serum – perfect for applying during winter when our skin is dry and dull. The main ingredient of the serum is vitamin C of approximately 10% concentration. It’s also worth adding, there are highlighting serums with 25% vitamin C concentration. This kind of preparation is good at highlighting complexion, evening its tone and removing discolorations.
  • Serum with retinol – this type of serum is designed primarily for connoisseurs of this kind of cosmetics. Retinol is a basic form of vitamin A. If in the sufficient concentration, it transforms into retinoic acid that is able to stimulate skin cells to produce collagen. Serum enriched with retinol, if applied carefully and according to directions, nourishes, regenerates and rejuvenates skin.

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