Algae (seaweed) are extremely valuable ingredients of many cosmetics. They contain a diversity of vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial influence on our skin. Thus, more and more women decide to include them in their beauty rituals. See the results for yourself. 

Why are algae so precious for our skin?

Algae are rich in vitamins and minerals. They include: hyaluronic acid, agar, proteins, lipids, micronutrients (zinc, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese) and the following vitamins: A, D, E, K, C and all B group). Polyphenols are responsible for fighting free radicals and anti-inflammatory properties. Cosmetology uses algae in a variety of forms. Especially popular are extracts or powder. Algae products are recommended for people with dry, damaged or mature skin. We will find them in the cosmetics of such popular brands as: Bielenda, Soraya, Dermika, Eveline.

How do algae work?

They have a comprehensive action. If no other cosmetics have solved your skin problem, the products with algae will certainly deal with it. They:

  • moisturise – thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid, a protective layer is created on the skin. It prevents the evaporation of water from the body;
  • nourish – the skin is provided with many vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals;
  • reduce free radicals – thanks to micronutrients and vitamin E, they prevent premature ageing of the skin;
  • firm – prevent the skin from sagging and strengthen collagen fibres;
  • have antibacterial effects – they soothe inflammation and acne;
  • soothe irritation – heal scars and rebuild damaged skin;
  • prevent swelling and cellulite – promote cell metabolism and reduce fat.

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