Smooth complexion with no wrinkles, healthy blush, supple and resilient skin. What to do, to enjoy such perfect facial skin? The answer is simple: eat clean, use moisturisers and cleanse your face thoroughly and regularly. Why wait, start today! The sooner you start, the sooner you will notice stunning effects. 


If you want to have a beautiful complexion, you have to eat healthy food, live an active lifestyle and avoid stress. Supplement your diet with products rich in vitamins and minerals. Enrich each meal with a generous portion of vegetables and fruits. Many essential nutrients are also found in fish, nuts, unprocessed food and mineral water. Avoid stressful situations, devote at least 8 hours for sleep, and exercise every day for about 15 minutes.


Make-up removal is one of the most important stages of the evening beauty routine. This way you remove make-up leftovers, dead skin cells, sebum and other impurities to prevent acne, irritation and allergies. Besides, cleansed skin is much easier to take care of; Pure complexion absorbs beauty products much faster and better. For a make-up removal, choose a product that simultaneously moisturises, soothes and regenerates your skin. Then, apply a toner that will restore the skin’s natural pH.


The better you moisturise the skin, the more it is firm and beautiful. In the morning and evening, use cosmetics that maintain proper water level; match them to your skin type. Also, in the morning do forget to apply sunscreen or a moisturising colouring cream. This way you will protect your face against UV rays, free radicals and prevent the formation of wrinkles. In the evening, apply a generous amount of a richer product. It can be a serum or thick cream with fruit acids, collagen or hyaluronic acid.


In addition to cleansing and moisturising, it is also worth remembering about regular exfoliating. For this task, use coarse-grained scrubs or enzyme peels. Such products will perfectly remove dead skin cells as well as impurities and smooth the surface of the skin. It is extremely important to apply a mask after exfoliating. Make sure to match the cosmetic to the type of your skin and its needs. What will be the effects? Your skin will begin to regenerate faster, be more radiant, and imperfections will disappear.

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