The skin around your eyes is constantly exposed to damages and irritations. As if it was not enough, dark circles and puffiness often occur.  Another problem: crow’s feet appear around the eyes, and between the eyebrows – the so-called lion’s wrinkle. These are the effects of a sleepless night, improper care or long hours of computer work. Check out what to do to have beautiful skin around the eyes.

First of all, treatment is extremely important

Proper care is a huge step towards success. The skin around the eyes is very thin and vulnerable to irritation. literally everything may harm it: the polluted air, the use of unsuitable products, the lack of any care, poor diet and drugs. In addition, the skin surrounding the eyes lacks sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is constantly exposed to dehydration and damage to the epidermis. If you want to keep a youthful appearance and enjoy healthy skin, start with proper care.

Secondly, remember about make-up removal

The fact that thorough makeup removal must be done every evening, should not require repeating. What is also important is the way your remove your cosmetics. It has influence on the condition and appearance of the skin around your eyes. Remember not to stretch it unnecessarily, pull or rub to strongly. What to do? gently press your cotton to your skin and wait until coloured cosmetics start dissolving. Always choose product matched to your skin type and with the content of natural ingredients. Not only they will remove make-up but will also nourish and moisturise the skin.

Thirdly, Do not forget to moisturise

Dehydrated and sensitive skin around the eyes should be constantly moisturised. In this case, use products based on calendula, chamomile or cornflower. Also, great effects will be achieved if you use cucumber extract, a massage with ice cubes and herbal compresses. Moreover, when patting in your eye area cream, follow this fundamental rule. Apply the product above your eyebrows and slightly above the eye socket bone. This way you will avoid any eye irritations (even creams based on natural ingredients can cause irritations).

Fourthly, no to wrinkles

Unfortunately, fine line are likely to appear in the eye area. Dry skin that lacks proper moisture is especially susceptible to such imperfections. To minimise the appearance of cow’s feet and the lion’s wrinkle, you should use specific moisturising and firming creams. What is also important it to start using them after turning 25. Apply such creams each evening, proceeding a thorough make-up removal.

Last but not least, professional treatments

If the skin around your eyes shows signs of fatigue, another option to overcome such problem is to reach for help of a specialist. You can choose from a variety of treatments: laser, platelet-rich plasma, botox and hyaluronic acid. All of them bring stunning effects. You can enjoy beautiful, firm and flawless skin for longer.

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