Natural, thick and perfectly styled eyebrows. Now is the time when new eyebrow trend came to life. Feathered brows make-up was created by celebrity stylist, Mario Dedivanovic. Check out what does this new trend is all about and how to treat your arches with this make-up.

Until now, the hot trend were expressive, over the top and dark eyebrows. All girls presented this look on the Instagram; it wasn’t very difficult to find a person wearing this make-up while walking the city’s streets. Unfortunately, some women couldn’t do it correctly. As a result their faces looked unnatural and unaesthetic. According to make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic you should emphasise brows. However, you should do that in a such way that provides natural result. So, what is feathered brows?

You will need cosmetic for eyebrows make-up, precise applicator and a mirror. After you finish your make-up, dedicate some time to your eyebrows. Feathered brows is no other than drawing small, thin lines that will imitate eyebrows. For this purpose choose cosmetic with colour close to your natural eyebrows. With flat eyebrow brush complement deficit in your brows, then brush them. Finally, fix it with colourless gel. Remember to not outline the eyebrows contour with horizontal strokes of pencil or eye shadow. This way effect will be unnatural. If you want to, you can lighten eyes and eyebrows area by using concealer in a right shade.

If you are tired of everyday make-up, you can choose more permanent methods – permanent make-up. However, this treatment is time-consuming and a bit painful. Its effects last for a very long time and look really natural. Remember that the pigments shade needs to be the same or a bit lighter than your natural hair and eyebrow colour.

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