Rose water is produced only from one type of roses, which is Rosa Damascena, better known as Damask rose. The plantations of these roses, in particular, made Isparta, a Turkish city, very famous since one of the main goods exported is the rose oil itself. The by-product of the oil production is the rose water, which in fact, has as many valuable features as the oil. Namely, rose oil delivers moisture, highlights and smells aromatically!

Already in the antiquity people used rose petals for cosmetic purposes. Rose oil along with other products with Damask rose as the base ingredient were considered as highly luxurious. In the present-day world, rose water obtained as a by-product of rose oil serves humans as good as it did a long time ago.

One remains unchanged, the product is still quite expensive. Both rose oil and Damask rose water are equally costly. Such a high price is strictly connected with the amount of the raw material that has to be used in order to obtain the oil. To clarify, five thousand tonnes of rose petals are needed to extract just one kilogramme of the pure rose oil. Unfortunately, the amount of oil in the petals is scarce. Moreover, the procedure of extracting the oil from the petals requires hi-tech methods, all to squeeze out every, single, valuable drop.

What is so impressive about rose cosmetics? First and foremost, it’s the aroma. It’s an outstandingly soothing and relaxing fragrance. The clear rose note is one of the most favourable aromas that women from all around the world find incredibly attractive. No wonder, why so many females use water rose as, for example, a hair mist. Despite the therapeutic assets, rose water has the wide range of other advantages, so as rose oil has.

The most important, however, is that this natural substance neither irritates nor triggers allergic reactions. It serves well as a toner for all skin types, which is possible thanks to one particular feature of this natural substance. Namely, it moistens dermis and regulates the process of sebum production. When it comes to dehydrated and dull face skin, rose water poses a cosmetic of a highly moistening factor that can keep the water in the skin at the right level. Oily or combination skin, in turn, becomes cleansed and freshened up when exposed to the action of rose water.

Rose water is available in two forms, one as a natural water obtained in the process of extracting the oil, or as a rose extract combined with pure water; both products are free from any extra additives, alcohols, and preservatives. Therefore, rose water serves great as a toner (for face cleansing purposes), a freshening up mist, a compress for tired eyes, an aromatic hair spray or as a natural base for homemade cosmetics.

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