If you haven’t heard about this magical substance yet, it’s high time you get to know it and try it! The name itself promises a lot, and the substance won’t rather let you down since active oxygen is like a gulp of fresh air for the skin. What’s the active oxygen, how does it work and which cosmetic products can we find this substance in?

More and more often active oxygen is introduced into cosmetic preparations mostly because of its outstanding transporting features. Harnessed in creams oxygen can transport all active substances deep through all skin layers. Moreover, the oxygen itself carries a huge load of goodness; skin gains healthy tone, doesn’t look fatigued and is moistened properly. The active oxygen can also delay the unavoidable aftermath of skin aging processes.

There is one crucial issue to bear in mind while buying a cream with active oxygen. In order to provide skin with the right level of moisture, dermis has to be properly stimulated first. In this case, all preparations which contain a huge concentration of vitamin C pose a good solution. Moreover, such products will serve well both the people who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms and the smokers. Active oxygen combined with vitamin C combats unpretty, dull tone of complexion.

Products with active oxygen are perfect for mature people. In the case of adults, for their skin paleness responsible are the reducing with time blood capillaries. Active oxygen will make the face rejuvenated, will help skin gain healthy tone and facilitate removing toxins from the complexion’s surface. The truth is, nowadays cosmetic brands offer plenty of products containing precious active oxygen. The offer includes day creams designed for everyday hair care, as well as face masks and under eye creams, to name just a few. The under eye creams, when enriched with active oxygen, don’t only deal with wrinkles, but also combat swellings and bruising under the delicate skin area of eyes.

For women whose complexion is oily or combination, the ideal solution poses a face cream – Oxygen Boost by Oriflame. The product is designed for daily care. The great advantage of the product is that it doesn’t leave any oily layer on the face. Thanks to the regular use, skin gains radiant look and restores its healthy tone. Moreover, skin will have regenerated even its deepest layers when treated with Oxygen Boost by Oriflame.

For a little bit more demanding skin after 30, there is another cream designed with active oxygen that also combines two vitamins C and E. In this case, it’s worth giving a go to Norel Engine Q10 which will rejuvenate and cure the unpretty, dull tone of face skin.

Another product that is worth recognition while talking about active oxygen is the under eye cream launched by Clarena. If applied regularly, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles and dark circles under eyes along with swellings. All of this skin imperfections get reduced gradually since the very first use of the cream. Furthermore, the product improves skin density and stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin cells. Also, the contour of the face is visibly corrected.

All in all, cosmetic market is continuously upgraded, which is why, every woman is going to find the right preparation for herself, if she hasn’t done it yet. What’s important though, such a cosmetic has to contain vitamin C. In this case, the application also poses an important issue. To clarify, skin must be super clean before putting on a product with active oxygen. Otherwise, active oxygen will suck under the skin’s surface not only the right substances but also the impurities that have gathered on skin throughout a day.

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