The highlighter is the cosmetic every girl should have in the cosmetic bag. Why? Because it provides gloss, emphasizes beauty and is perfect complementation for make-up. It all depends on the type and shade of the highlighter. Check out what should you do so that this product look better on your face.

First: instead of using a brush for the application, use your finger. Then you obtain the highlighted and smooth skin effect. When applying this cosmetic, you administer contained in it shimmering pigments on the face surface and other cosmetics. You make those particles shimmer even more, and skin gains fresh look. Highlighters are best applied with a finger in gently tapping motion. You can also always use a flat synthetic brush. Remember to blend the edges with the foundation.

Second: before highlighter, apply liquid foundation. By using this type of cosmetics, your skin will be glowing and radiant. If you are not so fond of liquid cosmetics and you much better prefer mineral foundations, then before applying highlighter spray face with a mist. This trick will make the final make-up effect way better, and all the cosmetics will blend perfectly.

Third: every highlighter can replace eye shadows. Highlighter optically makes eyes bigger and more beautiful. Besides, shimmering cosmetic applied on the upper eyelid, right under the eyebrows will raise the brow ridge. By using a highlighter in the same shade on cheeks and eyelids, the entire make-up becomes consistent.

Fourth: how to gain delicate effect with a highly shimmering highlighter? On the finger with highlighter use a drop of foundation. Blend the two cosmetics together by rubbing the two fingers against each other, then apply the mix on your face. This move makes make-up more subtle and full of gloss.

Fifth: the smaller brush you use, the better final effect. Small brush allows precise application. If you get the feeling like there is too much of the shimmering product, use a big brush with a soft bristle to blend it.

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