Mineral cosmetics are recommended for all skin types. They condition, heal, provide perfect coverage and are easy to apply. As it turns out, mineral cosmetics are ideal for contouring and face beautifying. Check out below how to do it with mineral foundation.

What are the cosmetics you should use for face contouring?

The best are cosmetics with a matte finish and high pigment content. Critical is the choice of shade. Besides the base colour of your foundation, also choose a tone lighter and a tone darker. Remember the greater difference, the more intense contouring effect. For face contouring never use foundations with shimmering particles.

What make-up brushes for face contouring?

That depends on the area you will contour. For the bridge of the nose, chin and eyes area choose small applicators with bristle in round shape. To underline the jaw line, cheekbones or forehead, use angled brushes. All cosmetics blend with a brush with an average length and soft bristle.

Which area should you highlight or darken?

Highlight these areas you want to emphasise and darken these areas you want to camouflage. For this reason, the light foundation applies on the bridge of the nose, top of the chin, eyebrow ridge, inner eyes corners and the jaw. Darker cosmetic use on the edge of the jaw, sides of the nose and under the cheekbones.

Face contouring step by step

Cosmetics in light and dark shades apply one of two ways. Apply it on the skin first treated with translucent powder or foundation. For contouring, you will need a small amount of the foundation. Excess cosmetic flick off the brush then apply on chosen parts of the face. Blend all the cosmetics and preserve your make-up with highlighting or mattifying powder.

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