Dull skin, dark circles under eyes, irritations. If your complexion looks like this too, it’s high time to do your best so as to restore the shine, freshness and radiant look to your face. Finish reading this article to learn how to take care of your face the right way.

Daily Face Care

Regular cleansing and exfoliating face skin are super important. Thanks to this, you remove dead cells of the outer part of the dermis, the excess of sebum and other impurities that have gathered on your face. In the morning and the evening use energising and water-delivering toners. Moreover, use enzymatic peelings or coarse-grained peelings a few times per week. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of chemical peeling treatments available in beauty parlours.

Don’t forget to nourish the skin. Apply face masks made from natural substances, the ones that contain citric acids or vitamin C. Thanks to these substances your skin will become radiant and fresh. Equally effective may appear coconut oil. This unique liquid contains antioxidants which are able to cleanse the skin from the inside and outside.

Do you know that skilful make-up can also add shine to your face? Apply highlighting cosmetics such as make-up bases, foundations, powders, and obviously highlighters. This kind of products contain special particles that reflect sun rays and, at the same time, make skin shine.

Vitamins & Diet

If you are really for a radiant complexion, you should take appropriate food supplements. In this case, vitamins B, C and D will do the work. Every morning, before you eat the breakfast, drink water with lemon juice, eliminate sugar and alcohol, eat more vegetables and fruit, limit salty snacks. Other allies that might help you with obtaining radiant complexion are broccoli, spinach, celery and cucumber juice.

Useful Tricks

Firstly, the easiest way to get your face full of shine is… sleep. It’s said that adults should sleep more or less eight hours. Before you put yourself to rest, take care of your bedroom being dark and filled with fresh air. Secondly, you can perform ice cube massage. This kind of procedure will improve your blood circulation, even skin tone and invigorate the entire body. All you have to keep in mind though, start the massage from your upper and lower limbs and then move the massage towards the heart. At the end, massage your face, neck and cleavage.

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