Dry, irritated, and rough to the touch. Basically, these are top three characteristic features of dehydrated skin. If your complexion seems to have similar qualities, it’s high time to let it drink! Learn the best ways to take care of dehydrated skin.

Way number one: use cosmetics dedicated to your skin

The use of mismatching products makes skin condition deteriorate even more. Don’t apply cosmetics only because you don’t want to throw them away. Also, don’t use a cream only because it has more ingredients than other similar product (your skin mightn’t need so many substances), or because particular cosmetic works faster than the other (maybe your skin would like to be treated slowly and precisely). If you don’t apply to these rules, the condition of your skin might get worsened. Sebaceous glands may start producing more sebum which, as a consequence, leads to acne.

Way number two: film-producing cosmetics are essential

To put it differently, these are products that provide face skin with the occlusive layer. Such coat shields skin against aggressive factors deriving from the external environment, free radicals, dehydration and irritations. Application of delicate cosmetics isn’t enough for skin to function properly and to restore the right moisture level. Products of light formula aren’t able to create the appropriately thick occlusive layer. Naturally, it’s also advised against using super dense and reach in oily substances preparations. If you want to make the occlusive layer remain on your skin longer, apply an algae face mask.

Way number three: more doesn’t mean better

If you want to make your complexion prettier and healthier, you don’t have to apply several cosmetics at the same time. Obviously, there are some cases when the use of many products is advised since their actions complement one another. However, if your skin doesn’t need such a complex treatment, then don’t to this – otherwise, you can make your skin either too dehydrated or too oily. Try to apply up to four moistening and nourishing cosmetics. Moreover, do your best not to change care preparations as often as you would like to do it. Believe, there is no need to do this.

Way number four: you don’t have to take care of the skin with specialistic cosmetics

Face skin that is moistened and neat doesn’t require additional care. The fewer cosmetics you apply to your skin, the better. Moreover, using the minimal number of cosmetics indicates that your skin is in good condition. Furthermore, it also reveals that your skin is optimally moistened and that you are the real expert in face skin care.

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