There is more to differentiate every woman’s hair than just the colour, length or thickness of the strands. Actually, hair has many other features which make it exceptional on one hand, and, on the other hand, these very features influence the type of care we are supposed to provide the hair with. This, in turn, determines which products you choose and the way you treat the scalp. However, if you don’t know which cosmetic may be the most suitable for you, let us give you a prompt.

Three times YES for Nanoil hair oil

Why does hair of each one of us is exceptional?

The factor determining hair exceptionality isn’t that obvious for the majority of women. It’s about hair porosity, which in plain English can be described as the degree at which hair cuticles are risen up and separated from the cortex. In the light of this, we distinguish low porosity hair, medium porosity hair and high porosity hair. Each type requires a different kind of conditioning directed at the particular needs of the certain type of strands. Why is it so important? Probably you already know the answer to this question. All women would like to have beautiful, healthy and strong hair conditioned by a cosmetic created especially for them. But does such a product exist? Of course, it does, and its name is Nanoil hair oil.

Nanoil hair oil in three ways

Nanoil is a hair oil that was created with having hair porosities in mind. Hence, we have got Nanoil for low porosity, medium porosity and high porosity hair. How to find out how porous our strands are? Take a look on the oil’s official website where you will find descriptions of each hair type. Thanks to a precisely matched oil, you’re going to win the hairdo you’ve been always dreaming about. It goes without saying that conscious hair care also requires use of natural substances. Each version of Nanoil contains ingredients that match hair porosity. In this product you can find vegetable oils, vitamins as well as moisturising, hair-smoothing and strengthening substances. Such a blend of substances originating from Nature will dramatically change your hair and pamper your scalp.

Oils selected especially for you

You probably wonder why Nanoil hair oil works so finely. The secret of its action lies in the oils selected to match hair porosity. In other words, each version of Nanoil comprises of slightly different substances, which answer needs of a particular hair type. While composing the oils there were two issues taken into account: the size of the gaps between hair cuticles and hair cortex as well as the size of oil molecules. Therefore:

  • low porosity hair are treated right by the oils which are composed of small molecules. They don’t have problems with penetrating the cuticles that are fairly tightly overlapping one another, shielding the cortex;
  • medium porosity hair are taken care of oils made of slightly bigger molecules, the ones which perfectly fit into the slightly open hair cuticles;
  • low porosity hair should be pampered with oils containing the biggest molecules. Their size is suitable to fill the huge gaps that are created between the hair cortex and widely-open hair cuticles.

Nanoil - the best oil for your hair

What are you going to gain thanks to blends of Nanoil?

The action Nanolash delivers focuses on providing care not only to the surface of hair but also to its inside. The cosmetic makes sure that hair is resistant to the damaging external factors, that strands are deeply hydrated and nourished from the bulbs to the ends. Another issue worth pointing out is that Nanoil impedes hair loss, smooths frizzy and affected by static strands, gifts them with natural shine and facilitates daily styling. And what is the best about this, you can obtain this effect thanks to just a few drops of the oil. It’s enough to apply the blend either to dry or damp strands, either before or after washing your hair. By rubbing the cosmetic directly into the scalp, you will reinforce hair bulbs, encourage faster blood flow in scalp cells, as you will provide yourself with a little bit of pleasure and relax. Just see how much you can gain thanks to Nanoil hair oil.

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