The skin around your eyes i very sensitive and delicate. It is easy to damage it, can quickly become dehydrated and is susceptible to harmful external factors. Learn how to take care of your skin around the eyes in order to enjoy beautiful and energetic look. 

Dark under eye circles – where do they come from?

The skin around the eyes is devoid of sebaceous glands. Therefore, it quickly becomes dehydrated, loses its suppleness and first fine lines start to appear. What is more, blood circulates there a lot slower and its excess accumulates in small blood vessels that have lost the ability of contraction and relaxation. It shows through the thin skin around the eyes, creating a brown, grey or dark purple rim. Swelling and bruising appears due to exhaustion, working long hours at the computer, lack of adequate amount of sleep. However, dark under eye circles are also genetically conditioned or a result of poor blood circulation. Moreover, a diet rich in salt, atopic dermatitis, allergies also contributes to the presence of these imperfections

Massaging skin around the eyes 

It is a very popular treatment recommended to everyone who struggles with dark under eye circles and puffiness. For better massage, you can use ice cubes or specific cosmetics. Some of such products are already facilitated with a metal roller. If you want to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin around your eyes, you must learn the basics of a proper massage. Apply cream above your eyebrows and in the place where you can feel your eye socket bones. Gently pat the cosmetic with your fingertips; make sure the product does not get into the eye – it could cause irritation. Massage twice a day, in the morning and evening to smooth and firm your skin.

Other methods of skin around the eye care

In order to remove puffiness and dark circles, you can also use gel cooling eye pads. Such products constrict blood vessels, soothe irritations, moisturise and cool down. You might as well prepare herbal compresses. In this case you can use chamomile or parsley. Simply dip you cotton pad in the infusion and put onto your eyes. Lay down, relax and let the herbs work wonders. Moreover, in your daily care you will also need vitamin K and C, lactic acid, ginkgo, arnica, cornflower, eyebright. When it comes to cosmetics, those with particles reflecting light will be a good choice. Additionally, use creamy concealers and high coverage foundations for flawless make-up.

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