Our hair loves proteins for giving strength and vitality. Kiehl knows that perfectly well. Kiehl’s Conditioner is a proof that the power lies in the combination of proteins and emollients.

New York hair specialists know what hair needs most. They perfectly mix the knowledge about medicine, herbs and cosmetics. This results in excellent hair care products such as the protein-rich conditioner for all hair types. Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner formula is rich in natural oils, free of silicones and designed for an everyday care of different hair types. It works for straight, wavy and curly hair.

Using Kiehl’s Conditioner regularly:

  • brings the natural hydration level back to your hair,
  • smooths the strands and increases a healthy sheen,
  • makes detangling easier and tames unruly flyaways.

Since Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner features a balance of emollients and humectants, you can use it for damaged hair care. Although it isn’t the product’s main purpose, it may work as a hair repair and hydrating cosmetic. All benefits result from the ingredients.

Kiehl’s Conditioner is rich in:

  • jojoba oil – it’s called the bandage for damaged hair because it delivers moisture, smoothness, restoring elasticity and softness;
  • coconut oil – second to none in the hair protection, locking water in, saving from the harmful factors and nourishing the strands;
  • aloe leaf juice – a popular ingredient of beauty products, it excellently soothes irritations, ensures hydration and facilitates brushing;
  • vitamin E – no wonder it’s known as the vitamin of youthfulness, it fights with free radicals the battle for beautiful hair and delays ageing processes;
  • wheat proteins – essential for hair repair as they effortlessly penetrate the hair, binding water and rebuilding damage.

Apply the product after washing your hair, using small portions. A creamy formula won’t appeal to the fans of oils and fully-absorbing products. Kiehl’s Conditioner is a rinse-out cosmetic.

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