Most women who spot their hair getting dry or damaged reach out for a keratin treatment, which is a good thing to do. However, not each of them works the same. Check out the best product to try if you want to deeply nourish your tresses.

Hair repair is a daunting challenge that requires lots of patience because it doesn’t happen overnight. If hair is damaged, then a conditioner isn’t enough for sure. What to use then?

Dry and damaged hair? Use keratin!

Extremely damaged hair surely lacks keratin – a protein which builds it. Because it’s a building block of the hair, it’s an essential ingredient that manages to revitalize and rebuild it. With keratin, we can enjoy healthy, fabulous and resilient tresses again. Hydrolyzed keratin works best because it’s able to penetrate the most deeply, guaranteeing the repair process occurs more quickly. Go for keratin treatment which suits your hair type the most.


#1 Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is a top-rated keratin treatment for hair, loved by consumers and hairdressers alike. It’s a repair formula for the weakest and most ruined hair. Thanks to the best blend of components it manages to restore healthy shine, as well as strengthen, nourish, and bring out the beauty of hair. Nanoil is a really easy and quick way for making fine and dull strands look more fabulous than ever before. It’s possible thanks to Hydrolyzed Keratin and Panthenol which brilliantly revitalize from the first use. This mask is super light and won’t weigh hair down because it envelopes it with a thin, protective layer. You don’t need to worry about any synthetics in the formula. The ingredients have been chosen to let the hair stay healthy. You’ll know it’s a top-quality item once you apply it for the first time. You’ll get wonderful effects if you remember to use it regularly. Entrust your hair to Nanoil!

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#2 Revicare Keratin Hair Mask Intensive Treatment

Revicare Keratin Hair Mask Intensive Treatment is a perfect remedy for dry hair which is heat-styled, colored or bleached. It manages to improve such hair because it combines keratin with retinol and coconut oil. We need to give you a heads-up, though. Coconut oil works only for low porosity hair. Will it work for you? See it for yourself!

#3 Damila Deep Treatment Mask

An interesting item to try on harshly-damaged hair. The INCI list shows Hydrolyzed Keratin which is the most effective at repairing hair from within. The mask from Damila is also rich in wheat-derived amino acids, soy and rice proteins, collagen and panthenol. The overload of silicones is a negative for sure. Still, some strands get along with them, becoming more manageable.

#4 Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Regenerating Mask

Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Regenerating Mask is cut out for reviving very dry and damaged strands. It’s small-sized and high-priced, but it does improve the condition of hair. It’s rich in plant-derived keratin and valuable oils which restore shine in the most dehydrated and brittle hair. One package lasts long. The mask holds all ingredients necessary for improving chemically-processed, colored and heat-styled hair.

#5 OUAI Thick Hair Treatment

If your hair is thick, heavy and low porosity, then you need a keratin mask that won’t weigh it down. The OUAI Thick Hair Treatment comes in useful. It’s a perfect option if your hair tends to lose volume. The mask contains the amount of keratin that doesn’t overburden the strands, plus some lightweight oils. It’s pleasant to use because of the smooth consistency. It produces amazing effects but price and size are the turn-off for sure.