A roll-on, stick or cream antiperspirant… you use it every day without even realizing that 90% of them contain hazardous for human organism substances, such as aluminum and/or aluminum salts. Also, the same compounds make up cans and food foil. These can be responsible for causing breast cancer. The recommended and safe dosage of aluminum in such products is 0,6%. At the same time, there are plenty of goods available on the shop shelves that contain even up to 5% of aluminum in their composition. How to shield yourself against this toxin?

It’s obvious, you can’t resign from using antiperspirants, that’s clear. However, what you can do is consciously choose the products that you put on your bathroom shelf after shopping. Pay attention to the list of ingredients of cosmetics. Aluminum salts are the compounds hidden under the following names: Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Aluminium Stearate, Aluminium Silicate. Also, avoid Hydrochloride aluminum.

If you spot any of the above- mentioned substances on the list of ingredients, don’t buy this antiperspirant. Instead, look for the products that are labeled with the following information: no aluminum salts or aluminum salts-free. A lot of such products are sold by CD brand.

There is a dramatic difference between antiperspirant and a deodorant, even the roll-on or a stick one. Deodorants don’t contain aluminum salts. Their composition mainly bases on alcohol. Their action doesn’t focus on blocking sebaceous glands from working. What they have to do is stopping bacteria multiplication, that are under our armpits to degrade sweet. Aluminum salts, often marked as ACH, appear in sweat blockers and antiperspirants. For that reason, it’s advisable to choose a safer deodorant than a noxious antiperspirant.

Unfortunately, it frequently happens that cosmetic manufacturers misrepresent their products so we can find a noxious antiperspirant hidden under the name of deodorant. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, pay attention to the list of ingredients regardless of the product you want to buy.

One of the best alternatives to antiperspirants is alum. It’s a natural cosmetic of the organic background. It has naturally crystal structure and isn’t absorbed into the skin. When damped with water, it falls to ions that are unable to penetrate through the lipid barrier of the skin. Moreover, it’s an aroma-free, safe mineral that doesn’t stain clothes. The truth is, our male forebears were well-acquainted with alum since it was very popular as the cosmetic dealing with post-shave irritation. Alum is very efficient and available in eco shops. Sometimes, alum is mixed with a delicate fragrance extracted from natural substances such as lime, Verbena or lemon grass.

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