Best Lash Serum – RANKING. Find Out How To Speed Up Lash Growth!
Luscious lashes will never go out of fashion. How to make them longer and thicker? This is a task for special products in the form of light and condensed serums. The best lash serums provide great results: in just a month your eyelashes can look phenomenal. They will become long, thick, and bold. Which lash serum is the best? Explore our ranking and choose the one that is most recommended and highly rated. Find out which lash-growth serum works most effectively!

What to use for lash growth?

How to lengthen and thicken lashes? This lash-related question comes up most often on online forums and in beauty salons. It turns out most women are not happy with the look of their lashes and dream of lengthening and thickening them quickly, without the hassle of lash extensions at the salon. Instead of false lashes and lash extensions, opt for your own. With a good serum, you’ll be able to lengthen and thicken your lashes by 100%!

Which lash serum is most effective?

The effectiveness of lash serums is related to their formulas and the correct proportion of certain ingredients. It is worth reaching for those which contain nourishing and soothing ingredients, such as botanical extracts, in addition to the beneficial lash-growth-promoting substances. On the other hand, it is better to avoid those that contain oils: fat particles may interrupt the penetration of some of the nourishing ingredients. The most effective lash serums deliver the fastest results in the shortest time.

How to use a lash serum?

Each serum should be applied quite similarly: it is applied to clean, and dry skin, free of makeup. Using the included applicator, apply a small amount of the serum at the lash line. When applying the serum you must remember to avoid contact with the eyes. It is a good idea to apply the lash serum just before going to bed: this way you can avoid rubbing it in the eyes.

Good lash serum – when can you see the effects?

Remember that when using a serum, it is important to be systematic and persistent: the product won’t promote lash growth if you do not use it regularly and for long enough. If you want to achieve (and maintain) the best results of the treatment, you need to ensure regular use. Remember, too, that if you stop using the product too soon, or use it only occasionally, the serum may not deliver the expected results.

Best lash serum – RANKING

Nanolash – the best lash serum out there!


Nanolash is the most recommended serum that even professionals in the beauty industry appreciate. This lash serum features a very short, well-thought-out, and perfectly-composed formula It contains, among other precious ingredients, a soothing and nourishing for the lashes eyebright extract, as well as ingredients responsible for the growth, regeneration, and strengthening of the lashes. Nanolash is undoubtedly the fastest-acting serum on the beauty market nowadays: it leaves the lashes looking so phenomenal there is no need to additionally use a brow mascara. Now you can do your brow makeup because you feel like it, and not because you have to.


Minimum time and maximum effect? Only the best lash serum by Nanolash works like this! Within a month your lashes will undergo a remarkable transformation: they become regenerated, strong, and nourished, and makes them grow long and thick. The serum also improves their color: the hairs become dark all the way to the ends. It is worth mentioning that the Nanolash lash serum also works on inactive roots and stimulates them. This increases the number of lashes and speeds up the growth phase. It ensures beautiful, long, and thick lashes in just one month!

Lashcode – a recommended lash serum


The eagerly recommended lash serum by Lashcode also ranked very high. It features a perfectly composed formula: it’s free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. Soy and wheat extracts, arginine, baicalein, and peptide complex are a recipe for beautiful, strong, and long ashes. This lash serum is quickly absorbed, doesn’t run off the eyelids, and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or any discomfort. This is the perfect lash serum for allergy sufferers and sensitive eyes.


Does this lash serum provide quick results? By all means! Among the most important are: fast lash growth and thickening of eyelashes all the way. Lashcode Eyelash Serum perfectly strengthens the roots and nourishes the hairs while stimulating the dormant hair follicles. As a result, the eyelashes grow remarkably thick, voluminous, and dark, and stop falling out. You can achieve these excellent results in the shortest possible time.

Revitalash – a lash-enhancing serum


Another lash serum that deserves attention is the renowned and decent Revitalash. It comes in several sizes to choose from: 1ml, 2ml, or 3.5ml; it is most cost-effective to purchase the largest size, as the others may not work: the treatment won’t be long enough to deliver any effects. The Revitalash lash serum is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. The special peptide complex in the formula (BioPeptin Complex) is a laboratory-made ingredient that stimulates lash growth.


The refined formula allows the Revitalash lash serum to deliver great results and boost hair growth. In addition, the Revitalash lash serum strengthens the roots to become stronger at the follicles. As a result, eyelashes stop falling out and become nourished and regenerated. It is a recommended conditioner for mainly damaged and weak lashes, often subjected to lash extensions and other treatments.

Latisse lash serum – one of the first ones on the market


This is one of the first lash serums available on the beauty market. In fact, it is often classified as a medicine, and not a beauty product. It is a product you can find in many pharmacies. The Latisse lash serum is unusual: it comes in a little bottle with applicators attached separately. Each spatula must be thrown away following application, so probably opponents of littering the Earth with plastic will not like this application method. Latisse contains a lash growth hormone, so it thickens and lengthens the hair. It has an equally large group of supporters and opponents.


When used regularly, the Latisse lash serum lengthens lashes and makes them grow faster. Application using the short brush can be troublesome for some so make sure not to get the product in your eyes. How long do you have to wait for the effects? You certainly need to be patient and apply it meticulously for several weeks.

FEG lash serum – is it worth choosing?


This is a very popular lash serum mainly due to its low price. Its popularity is somewhat surprising, especially since this lash serum may cause allergic reactions. Its reviews are sometimes strongly divided, with many people claiming it’s not worth buying FEG just because of the price, as it doesn’t work as well as the other lash serums listed here. However, some say that it is a recommended lash serum that improves the appearance and condition of eyelashes. It is also definitely not a lash serum that is safe for pregnant women.


Many people claim FEG does produce some results and they are good enough to include it in our ranking. Whether it’s a lash serum worth buying – we leave the decision to you, of course, but since we’re talking about the delicate eye area, we believe it’s better to stick to professional, proven, and eagerly recommended eyelash serums. That’s why this ranking was created. It helps you choose the best lash serum for yourself!