Indeed, an oxidating lip balm isn’t a unique item any longer. Our grandmothers can tell a lot about such wonderful products that were launched already in the 50s. Nowadays, self-oxidating lip balm returns as a highly effective and surprising beauty gadget. How does such a marvel work and how does it look?

Basically, a lip balm that has the self-oxidating feature (that activates when applied to lips) should be either transparent or pale green. Nevertheless, the producers tend to accompany such products with various, vivid colors so as to make the effect of shade changing even more dramatic. As a consequence, cosmetic shops offer self-oxidating lip balms of vibrant yellow, flashy orange, brilliant blue and intensive green shades. For the color alteration, so for the oxidation, responsible is included into the lip balms’ composition a substance named ceresin (also known as cerosin, ceresine, cerin or ceresin wax). When in contact with skin, it reacts to the pH level of the dermis and changes the color of lips into pink or various shades of red.

The producers assure that such lip balms adjust their shades to our complexion (it all depends on our individual pH level), and its color can be intensified; every another layer of the product adds stronger effect. What is amazing about the product is the outcome that can’t be simply foreseen. This ‘mysterious color’ tempts many women – we want to give a try to the product because there is no other women who would get the same shade as we do. However, application of this gadget carries a small risk. Since we don’t know what color our lips are going to be, whether it would be subtle red, delicate coral or intensive pink, it might appear that we bought a one-use-only item. Still, a huge advantage of self-oxidating lip balm is its durability. Namely, its color melts into lips and stays there for many hours. The effect is so strong that sometimes it’s even hard to get rid of the cosmetic from the lips during the evening make-up removal. Such lip balm gets oxidized very slowly and gradually. The first, subtle outcome is visible right after the application. Within a few minutes, the lip balm starts gaining the more intensive shade.

In most cases, self-oxidating lip balms contain a lot of glycerin, paraffin and mineral oils. For that reason, they don’t deliver high lip care. The producers frequently complement the compositions with vitamins C and E as well as castor oil so as to balance the comedogenic features of the remaining substances.

One can be taken for granted, self-oxidating lip balms are the surprising and funky items which evoke a rush of emotions among the users. This beauty gadget wins women’s hearts due to its durability and the unusual color effect (individual for all wearers). Such lip balms are produced by many cosmetic brands and their price range is really huge. This makes self-oxidating lip balms an item suiting every pocket.

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