Thermal protection spray, as the name suggests, is designed to divert the heat from the surface it’s directed at in order to prevent heat damage. When talking about hair care, such a product keeps hair safe against the hairdryer, curling tongs and straightener, and the high temperatures each of these tools give off.

If you want your hair to stay strong, moisturized and healthy-looking, introducing a thermal protection spray to the morning routine is an absolute must. But do you know which product is worth picking? Let us help you with that.

Do you know how thermal protection spray works?

A regular thermal protection spray forms an invisible barrier around each hair shaft to shield it against the heat and mechanical damage. Top-quality and premium heat protectants however can do more than that. They can, for example, deliver nutrients and water to damaged strands. Some heat protectants are also able to leave hair smoother, shinier and pleasant to the touch, which in turn makes hair more manageable and easy to style. There are also thermal protection sprays that offer color protection. As you can see, there are many products you can choose from, therefore it’s worth finding a heat protection spray that satisfies all your current needs.


Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray – BEST PICK

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One of the biggest achievements of Nanoil is the fact that their products suit both regular consumers at home and professionals in their salons. The Heat Protectant Spray isn’t any different. This carefully thought-out formula is a top choice of those who look for an efficacious yet easy on the pocket heat protection spray. The nutrients added to Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray work wonders, especially for damaged hair: hydrolyzed silk locks water in the strands and promotes smoothness, vitamin E adds shine and makes hair resistant to damage, including of course heat damage caused by temperatures reaching even 440°F/220°C. Working for all hair types, even oily, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray makes a perfect choice for everyone. This one is definitely worth having!

Davines Melu Hair Shield

This is another product that offers a strong thermal protection, so you can use a straightener, curling iron and dryer on a regular basis without causing zero harm to the hair. Davines Melu Hair Shield may be your go-to if your hair is long and damaged due to coloring or bleaching. Users appreciate its ability to make strands visibly stronger by improving their outermost and inner structures. With this spray, you keep frizz and static at bay. The formula includes villalba lentil seed extract which fulfills the same task as keratin, meaning that it provides damage protection from both heat and external aggressors. Soft, lustrous and smooth strands – this is what your hair may look like!

Philip B Thermal Protection Spray

This is one of the well-known heat protection sprays that can be found in professional hair salons. It has a lovely aroma, lasts long and most of all it keeps hair safe from the negative effects of hot tools. Additionally, it makes styling much easier because it promotes smoothness and increases elasticity of hair. These qualities make Philip B Thermal Protection Spray loved by users from all over the globe. In the black bottle you can find: olive oil (deeply nourishes the strands), shea butter (has an anti-aging effect), archaid oil (prevents splitting), sesame oil (provides heat protection), jojoba oil (moisturizes and reverses damage), and sweet almond oil (boosts shine and smooths out hair cuticles). Totally recommended!

CHI 44 Iron Guard

Looking for a budget heat protection spray that can be used on dry hair? You may like CHI 44 Iron Guard that is able to discipline even the most unruly wisps, helping you create better-looking styles easily. This spray makes hair more elastic, resistant to damage and thus easier to arrange. While it protects the hair from high temperatures, it also prevents frizz and static. This means that the style you create will look flawless for the entire day. Formulated with hydrolyzed silk, CHI 44 Iron Guard leaves hair stronger and healthier-looking, but most of all, easy to comb. Lastly, this protectant is also designed to promote hydration and prevent splitting.

Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth

Those who like luxurious beauty products know Kevin Murphy very well. Their heat protection spray does a great job when it comes to keeping hair safe against high temperatures. With Ever Smooth, no hairdryer, no straightener and no curling tongs will contribute to dryness or breakage. This high-end product promotes damage repair by supplying weak hair with nutrients. This quality makes it good at taking care of long and over-processed tresses that need some help to restore its good-looks. And the formula is impressive, containing tree bark extract, lemon aspen extract and white cypress extract. It leaves hair shinier and smoother. There is nothing to dislike about this product, maybe except the high price.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Bumble and Bumble created an oil-rich heat protectant for extremely damaged and over-processed hair. The blend of six plant oils fixes dull, brittle and unruly strands. But be careful though, Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil may not be the perfect match for oily hair, unless you use small amounts. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil delivers the best results when applied to the hair that lacks hydration. Apart from replenishing water, it shields the hair against high temperatures. These qualities make it an ideal product for frazzled and over-processed strands. The oil-dense formula will surely improve the appearance of extremely dehydrated and brittle hair.